Friday, March 13, 2009

Blogging is...

Well, it's a lot of things. It can be fun, it can be depressing, it can be informative, humorous, entertaining, exciting, ugly, and everything in between. One of the coolest things about modern tech online for blogs, is the site tracker or hit meter tool. With it, you can see where folks come from, what they searched for to end up on your blog in the first place, and what they clicked on to get them outta Dodge.

I always enjoy reading over the stats to see what folks were looking around for. I used to get quite a bit of traffic from folks searching for "mowing the lawn in a bikini". No question they were highly disappointed when it turned out the post that snagged that google hit was the post about the severely obese woman mowing her front grass in her VERY small bikini. Somehow, I have a feeling that's not what folks were looking for. In any case...

Here's some of the most recent activity that stood out to me:

Seattle, Washington arrived from on by searching for "mars hill church homeschool support".

I have no way of knowing whether MHC as a church body, is supportive of homeschooling, or why such a search pulled up my blog since I'm sure I've never addressed it. I know Driscoll is known to make homeschoolers and homeschool moms the butt of jokes at times, but beyond that I'd suspect there's probably at least some HS support there? Probably best to just call them on the phone and ask! I know, it's very old fashioned but it's direct and just might work.

Charlotte, North Carolina arrived from by searching for "a prayer about teenage pregnancy" .

I sure have written about that subject lately and it's brought in a lot of folks with questions about it. I hope it's serving as a blessing and an encouragement to Christian families that find themselves in this situation.

Overton, Nevada arrived from on by searching for "carla rolfe".

Nope, never heard of her.

Little Rock, Arkansas arrived from by searching for "christian widows".

I've written on that lately as well and it's bringing in about the same amount of viewers as those inquiring about teen pregnancy in Christian families. It's a tough, tender, painful topic and I dearly hope some of what I had to say helps someone else understand, and equip them to serve better.

Brandon, Florida arrived from by searching for "MEMORIZE THE BOOKS OF THE BIBLE".

Lots of people come around looking at that rather old post, and leave by clicking on the links to the program. I hope they're using it, and it's working well for them.

And the winner by a mile definitely goes to....

Nashville, Tennessee arrived from by searching for "irrelevant things".

I actually snorted outloud when I read this. Indeed, there are lots of irrelevant things here at my blog. If Nashville is reading, do leave a comment and let me know if you found what you were looking for. ;-)

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