Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Adam and Grissom and Garcia, OH MY!

Hello, my name is Carla and I watch American Idol. Henceforth known as AI.

I know there are lots of Christians that have lots of issues with the show, and while some of those issues are legitimate and ones I agree with, I still watch the show. I like music, I like seeing previously undiscovered talent being showcased, and I actually like Simon. People that don't candy-coat what they have to say are people that I usually get along with real well.

Now with all that said, there was a particular performance on last night's show that Simon absolutely hated, and I thought was one of the coolest I've seen since Bo Bice sang acapella. Remember that one? Now that, was just too cool. Usually I agree with Simon, but last night he was just dead wrong when it came to Adam Lambert's completely off-the-wall version of Ring of Fire.

I suspected it might be a train wreck considering he was going to give it an Eastern spin (I'm sorry but you just DONT mess with Johnny Cash), but as soon as he opened his mouth, I knew it was going to be THE standout performance of his, to date. I haven't bothered to check what the web-critics are saying, but I can guarantee some hated it even more than Simon did, and some out there were blown away by it. You could hear shades of The Doors & Led Zep all mixed into a contemporary spin from a guy that looks like Adam Ant 2.0. It was WEIRD, but it was good, and it will definitely get him noticed. That's one contestant that can sing like mad.

So, as of today my favorite performer on this season's show is definitely Adam Lambert. When he takes the stage there's definitely a sense of being at an Adam concert, rather than considering it a competition, and that speaks volumes to his talent. However... I really like Danny Gokey, Megan Joy and Allison Iraheta. Danny's got that smokey/husky/blues/jazz voice, Megan is so quirky and funky with her very own sound, and Allison blows me away with the powerhouse voice she has for being 16 years old. I can't leave out Scott McIntyre either, he's got the cool James Taylor/Dan Fogelberg storytelling-in-song sort of style going for him.

Honestly, even though Anoop did well last night, I really don't get the whole Anoopsteria going on in the media right now. I don't think he's nearly as talented as the contestants I've mentioned. Oh well, to each his own, right?

At any rate, thats what I think of AI this year, so far. I do enjoy the show very much. Then again, I'm also a diehard 24 fan and Criminal Minds (how can you not love Garcia?) is ranking right up there with the CSIs, in my book (even though Grissom left, boo hiss). I have to go now, LOST is coming on soon and Sawyer is sure to say something to make me laugh, in his classic sarcastic tone.

My name is Carla, and I watch tv. And I like it.

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