Friday, February 20, 2009

The Musical Evolution of Me

Like many people, music has always been a big part of my life, for as long as I can remember. I remember the big console stereo mom had in the living room. Turntable, 8 track player and album rack inside, filled with her albums. There was Loretta Lynn, Conway Twitty, Simon and Garfunkle, Elvis, Roger Miller (oh like you don't remember all the words to You Can't Rollerskate in a Buffalo Herd??), and so many others.

Later, my sister's albums and 8 tracks found their way into the rack as well, and among them were Blue Oyster Cult, James Taylor, Steve Miller Band, Alice Cooper and Aerosmith. It was quite the mix of music, to be sure.

95 on your AM dial... which is good since you don't have an FM dial!From my earliest memory, I listened to music every night. I didn't really have much of a choice since I shared a room with my sister, and she had her high-tech radio tuned to KJR Seattle, channel 95. I cannot say that, or even type it, without saying it the way I'd heard it sing-song/station id jingle style, for so many years. This was back in the day where AM radio stations were cool, and I thought if my mom would just put that KJR yellow ball sticker on our car, we'd really be something. I'm not sure what we were going to be, but I was sure all the coolest people had the KJR yellow ball sticker on their car. You'll only get that if you are a.) anywhere near the same age as me or older and b.) grew up in the greater Seattle area.

Over the next few years I guess I tried to figure out what kind of music I really liked. If we were in the car the station was tuned to country western. If we were at home (and mom wasn't) it was rock 'n roll on KJR. Eventually, as I got a little older I drifted toward the rock and roll (Fleetwood Mac was my favorite right through junior high) and even a little pop/dance music in my early teens. My first real job was at the only real "disco" (I know, isn't that freaky?) in town and so I really began to enjoy dance music since I heard it every night at work. Not long after that, someone intriduced me to Journey, then Rush, and before long (and I still don't have a clue how in the world this happened) I discovered metal, and loved it. I know, you're shocked that a homeschool mom is a former metal-head. Well it's true. I think it was probably Roger Miller's fault somehow. In any case, I digress.

For many years I was into metal, but then in my late 20s that began to bore me and I sort of drifted back to what was already being classified as classic rock - the stuff I grew up with. I drifted back there and have pretty much stayed there for the last 10 years or so, and even though I am a Christian, there are very FEW Christian artists I really like. The exception would be Steve Camp (who's music I listen to quite often). In addition to that, I discovered in that time frame that I really love the sound of Celtic music. Iona has been a favorite for many years.

Then, just a few months ago my friend James White introduced me to the music of Tim Janis. If you don't know who he is or what he does, you've been missing out, BIG TIME. His music is quite likely the most beautiful, inspiring, uplifting music I have ever heard. Another friend hearing his music for the first time recently said "wow man, this music makes me feel like I can fly over mountains". It does, too. I recently received an incredible gift of EIGHT Tim Janis cds, and could barely wait till I got home to open the box. I've already listened to the first four of them (and LOVED every second of every one of them) and will make every effort to listen to the other 4 tomorrow.

I highly and heartily and happily recommend to you, the music of Tim Janis. You too, will want to soar over mountains.

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