Friday, February 27, 2009

Like a Hawk

VIEW LARGERSometimes, living in the country is kind of cool.

Last Saturday, Kev and the kids spotted a hawk on the deck but before I could grab my camera, he was long gone. He'd taken off into the chestnut tree to snack on whatever he'd collected.

Then on Sunday afternoon, there he was again. Just sitting on the deck railing looking around. I'm not sure how long he was there before we spotted him, but even after he knew we were watching him, he stayed there for several minutes.

He took off right after this picture was taken, and the direction he flew led me to suspect he'd gone around the house to the big juniper outside the kitchen window. I figured since thats where the feeders are, that he knew thats where he'd find what he came looking for, for lunch. Sure enough, that's exactly where he went.

VIEW LARGERSince then, we've been looking out for him in places we've seen him, but we haven't seen him again. Until today, that is. I wasn't able to get his picture again but it sure would have been a great shot. As I was taking bread out of the oven at dinner, I turned to set it on the table and happened to look out the kitchen window. There was Mr. Hawk, just standing on the porch looking in the window at me. Oh how I wished I had my camera in my hand!

I hope he comes back, he's a great looking bird. I just prefer to think maybe he's eating grackles or other annoying bully-birds instead of the pretty little song birds or doves.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, this is a juvenile Broad Winged Hawk.

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