Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy 500, John Calvin

On February 20th this year, I celebrate the 4th anniversary of my store's grand opening. What started out as a very small (just a handful of designs), very obscure store, has turned into a much larger (over 12,000 products in store) but still rather obscure store. We're "family friendly" and Christian and even more exclusive, we're Calvinistic Christians. Not only is it a niche shop, it's a niche in a niche, in a niche, which makes it pretty easy to go unnoticed. It's not that Calvinists don't spend money shopping online, it's just that they tend to spend it buying far more books than they ever do in my store. I am thankful however for all the ones who do shop at Reflections. More than a few times those purchases have helped us to keep the lights on, books for school and that sort of thing. My customers are a blessing to my entire family.

Far more important than my little store however, is another anniversary that most Calvinists are well aware of. This year marks the 500th birthday of one of the most brilliant thinkers in modern history, let alone church history. That man is of course, John Calvin.

While many have their own private disagreements with what Calvin taught on this, or what his position was on that, it's impossible to logically and/or intelligently argue the fact that what he contributed to the Christian church has not only proven the test of time but has stirred up a hunger and a thirst for deeper knowledge of the Scriptures and a greater understanding of God, by countless numbers of Christians over this 500 year span. God did a pretty incredible thing in raising up John Calvin in his time, to do what he did in his very short life as a Christian. I was blessed today by listening to two lectures, The Life of John Calvin and The Theology of John Calvin given by David Calhoun. I would highly recommend these lectures to anyone.

In honor of the contribution and the astounding impact this French theologian has made to the Christian community worldwide, I decided I'd like to create something very special. So, without further fanfare, I give you Calvin500 - now available at Reflections Apparel and Gifts, in a wide variety of t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and giftware:

Celebrate noted theologian John Calvin's 500th birthday this year in style.  Commemorative Calvin500 t-shirts and gifts for all ages.

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