Friday, February 6, 2009

The Five Solas - Audio Blessings

I'm sure these links/resources have been posted before somewhere, but here they are again.

This weekend Dr. James R. White (along with Steve Lawson) will be speaking at the Sola Conference in Southlake Texas . This year's theme is Sola Fide - By Faith Alone. The host church for this conference is Countryside Bible Church. This will be a exceptional encouragement for all who are able to be there. Watch this video about the Sola Conference.

For some really great listening (I'm making my way through this list now) here are the past conferences which you can listen to by clicking the title:

2008 Sola Conference - In Christ Alone

Christ: Our Only Mediator - Hebrews 9:13-22 – Dr. Al Mohler
Christ: Our Only Righteousness - Isaiah 53:11 – Tom Pennington
Christ: Our Only Advocate - 1 John 2:1-2 – Phil Johnson
A Tale of Two Covenants - Galatians 4:21-31 – Phil Johnson
Our Daily Bread: Applying "In Christ Alone" to Life - Selected Scriptures – Rocky Wyatt
Christ Alone: The Heart of Our Evangelism - Selected Scriptures – Mike Gendron
Christ: Our Only Master - John 15:14-15 – Dr. John MacArthur
Christ: The Only Remedy for Original Sin - Romans 5:12-19 – Phil Johnson
Christ: The Only Sovereign of His Church - Revelation 1 – Dr. John MacArthur

2007 Sola Scriptura Conference

Christ, the Reformers, and Sola Scriptura (Part 1) - Dr. Steve Lawson
How Then Should I Live? (Part 1) - Dr. Don Whitney
Christ, the Reformers, and Sola Scriptura (Part 2) - Dr. Steve Lawson
Assaults on the Full Authority of Scripture from Self-Professing Evangelicals: Three Case Studies and Responses - Dr. Bruce Ware
Pastoral Obligation: Commending God and the Word of His Grace - Dr. Bruce Ware
How Then Should I Live? (Part 2) - Dr. Don Whitney

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