Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Copycatting Status Reports

Like Kim , I really enjoy Lisa's "status reports". I'm a horrible comment leaver, so Lisa probably has no idea that I enjoy them, but I do. I've thought about being a copycat before and just using her format for a post but it feels so... copycattish. However, it sure is a really efficient way of expressing the heart for the moment. So then, in honor of all shameless copycats around the world, I'm going to copycat Lisa and Kim today:

Sitting... at my desk at 10:45am still in my comfy pants. My schedule is completely out of whack with Kevin being home recovering from surgery. It doesn't help the normal routine of things that 2.5 kids are sick with stuffy heads and sore throats.

Eating... nothing. I cannot eat in the morning, food makes me gag. I can however drink obscene amounts of coffee.

Drawing a blank... on what to put on my grocery list for tomorrow. The bake element in the oven is still dead, so this limits dinner ideas. I'm open to suggestions if anyone has any brilliant thoughts in this area.

Hoping... that the forecast for the next few days is accurate, and it really does warm up to above freezing and rains. We need this snow to go away!

Amazed... at God's incredible daily providence. Times are extremely difficult, and yet He is faithful to keep us going every day. We have food, we have shelter and we have clothes. What more do we need? Yes indeed I battle constantly against the covetuous thoughts of wishing we had this convenience or that new gadget, but at the end of the day we do have what we need and I am so grateful for that.

Eager... for spring. I do not do well at all being stuck inside.

Wondering... if blogging really is a trend on the way out in favor of micro-blogging apps like twitter. Yeah, I twitter but 140 characters is like a Happy Meal. It's okay, kinda cute, kinda fun... but where's the real substance?

About to begin reading... nothing, really. I'm in a reading funk. I blame the snow.

Loving... seeing the sun shine this morning. I miss waking up to the sunrise.

Pondering... public school, for the first time in years. We knew this time was coming and we've never been rabid, anti-public school, homeschool people, so we're pondering. Yes there is a lot to be wary of in the way of public schools but there is also tremendous benefits once a child reaches a certain age/maturity, and we're mindful of that. It's a big decision so it will remain in the ponder/prayer stage for some time yet.

Procrastinating... building a fire, shoveling the driveway, starting the laundry, doing the dishes, running to the post office, stopping at the store, and cleaning the school room. My to-do list looks great, now all I have to do, is actually do the things ON the list so I can throw it away.

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