Wednesday, February 25, 2009

And the award goes to... a regular Joe!

Rumor has it, there was some kind of fancy pants award show on tv the other night. I wouldn't even know for sure what night it was on, without checking google. That's about how much these kinds of award shows interest me.

The one thing that does interest me though is reality. In reality, the vast majority of what Hollywood actors, producers and directors do, is truly useless in the grand scheme of things. Now don't get me wrong, I like a good movie as much as the next person, but we're talking reality here. In reality, a good movie (which are harder and harder to find all the time), no matter how good it might be, still doesn't "do" for us in any tangible way. It doesn't preach the gospel, it doesn't give us eternal wisdom, it won't pay the bills, help raise the kids, fix the car or put food on the table. In reality, it's just a teeny tiny itsy bitsy momentary and sometimes entertaining distraction. Now with that said, I fully admit I have my favorite movies just like anyone else. I enjoy a good story told in movie format, but with that said I have just a wee bit of an issue with putting on a grand to-do over the people involved in the movies.

I wonder if instead of celebrating the makers of make-believe, what life might look like if we celebrated the real life heroes with just as much pomp and circumstance?

I'm no fancy pants event organizer, but I definitely think we should have all kinds of categories for this award event. Categories for pastors, Sunday school teachers, parents, kids, students, school teachers (home, public and university profs), doctors, dentists and bus drivers. I think we should include postal carriers, newspaper delivery folks, fireman, cab drivers, pilots and police officers. Let's not forget nurses, janitors, mechanics, plumbers, electricians and drive-thru window workers. See, in my way of thinking these are the people that we all come in contact with every day and if they do their job well, they truly do make our lives better. They make the kinds of contributions to our lives and our societies that really matter.

These are the people that are actually under-appreciated in our culture and the very people that should be getting the great big THANK YOUs for a job well done. Yes, I think these are the people that deserve attention far and above total strangers that simply pretend for a living.

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