Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Very Best Posts I've Ever Written

Over the last few days as I've been busy doing things around here, I've written what are probably some of my best blog posts, ever. It's true. Except, they're all still in my head and not actually here on the blog.

As I was shoveling the foot of snow in the driveway today, feeling a rip of pain up my back with every lift of the shovel, I wrote a really great blog post about how procrastination is truly a sinful thing, and how there are always some types of consequences to our sinful conduct. Had I not chosen to refuse to shovel yesterday, I would have only had half of the amount to shovel today, and would have likely never had those thoughts about procrastination and the consequences of sin.

In a similar way yesterday, as I was making phone calls and trying to get insurance papers all squared away, I wrote a fantastic piece on how one should conduct themselves if they happen to be in a customer service/receptionist type of a job. In that post, I confess that I did focus quite heavily on how NOT to conduct yourself, since I'd just dealt (twice) with a lady who was in desperate need of a serious attitude adjustment, or early retirement. I realize we all have bad hair days and might come off a little snarkified, but this lady was uber-snarked and only made my own bad hair day even worse. Not a good impression to leave, if you're in a position to deal with the public.

While doing some other things today I penned another fantastic post about charity, pride, knowing when to accept your limitations and knowing when to accept help. It was a great post full of realistic advice that everyone should take.

The other great post I wrote was about our culture and how only in our day, could a young woman sell her virginity for a cool 3+ million dollars and be quite proud of it. Only in our day would it be considered socially acceptable for a young woman to do this, and whats more than that, would it be considered a "cool" thing to do and something (no question about it kids, you mark my words) other girls are going to begin doing. All it takes, is zero amount of valuing your personal purity, an internet connection to any auction site, and the fortitude to go through with it, once your "one-nighter" pays up.

Interestingly enough, once I was done with that great powerhouse of a post, I wrote a scathing bit on how equally bizarre it is that in our day, one of the most popular young preachers is (in part) popular because he appears to have a rather disturbing pre-occupation with sex, and speaking quite openly about it on a very regular basis. Is there a connection somehow? Yep, I think there is, I just haven't figured out which came first, or if both attitudes are simply a product of the general degradation of our culture.

Yep, I've been busier lately than I've been in years, but I've found time to write some of the best blog posts you'll ever see from me. They're just still in my head.

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