Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thank you for being who you are

It's odd, but it seems that the busier I am the more things I think about to sit and write about. Of course, I don't really have the time right now to do that. When I do have the time to sit for a few minutes lately, I seem to begin the fine art of second-guessing myself and end up deleting most of what I do write. I'm not really sure what to call it, but it seems these days I just feel like a seriously square peg in a world of round holes. Over the last year or so some of the things that once held my devoted interest now simply bore me, and other things that I really didn't give much thought to are the things I think about a lot. It wasn't something I set out to change, or gave any amount of thought to at all, it just gradually happened. Maybe that doesn't make a bit of sense to anyone reading, or maybe it does.

In any event, a few thoughts:

I do want to say thank you today, to my friend and noted apologist James White. First, I'm honored to call him friend at all. I remember the first time I heard of him, then saw his picture and read his bio (and this was 11 years ago) I thought he was a hard-core, dead-serious brainiac Calvinist. Truth be told, he kinda scared me too. Someone that smart can make you feel pretty stupid, without even really trying. Yet, getting to know him over the years and having the pleasure of meeting him face to face a couple of times has been a real blessing.

He did something yesterday that completely surprised me, when he posted a link to my store, and my REPENT design, specifically. Here is a brother who is completely engulfed in preparing his heart and mind for a God-honoring debate just hours away, with Prof. Bart Ehrman, and he takes the time out to blog a link to my store. He didn't have to do that, and he certainly didn't have to do it yesterday of all days, but he did. That was a pretty gracious thing for him to do, and I sure do appreciate it. I was blessed to sit in on live updates of the debate as it was taking place (by fellow #prosapologian channel rats who were there) and all reports are - the debate went VERY well. I'm very much looking forward to buying this dvd when it becomes available.

Another true friend I want to thank today, is a lady I call Rozie. She's the kind of friend that really listens when you talk, truly encourages you in the right way, and never tells you what you want to hear but what you need to hear. She's been a great source of wisdom and blessing over the last couple of years in my life, but in the last few weeks especially as I (and my family) go through all sorts of difficult stuff. If I could clone Rozie and give one of her to every person who needs a genuine friend, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

Last but in no way least, a Happy Birthday wish to both my mommy, who is THE coolest mom in the universe, and to my oldest daughter Caryn, who makes me laugh AND drives me a little nutty once in a while. I think it's our kids jobs to drive us just a little nutty. Mom's birthday was yesterday and Caryn's birthday is today. No Caryn, I did NOT get you a puppy, and yes mom, you and grandma split that cake in half and have at it! You know, my life would not be what it is if these 2 very special ladies were not in it, and I am blessed to be related to them both.

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