Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Red Letter What?

Telling someone you're a Calvinist is frequently met with a couple of different reactions. Either folks look at you like you have 11 heads and wonder what in the world you're talking about, or they can't understand why you can't just be a good Christian and stop following after the teachings of man. It's a rather bizarre idea that people have, of what Calvinism actually is. What's equally bizarre, is that I know believers that actually have to (or feel like they have to) keep their theology rather low key even in their own families or churches, because they don't want to cause a stir among certain folks.

Yesterday my friend Steve blogged that he'd like to be known as a Red Letter Calvinist, and gave 5 solid and clear reasons why. I'm happy to stand with him on those reasons. Last week, another friend videoblogged his response to a letter his ministry received, and in that video response, pointed out the very clear and distinct contrast between a purely man-centered doctrine, and a God-centered one. I would encourage you to read Steve's post, and listen to what James has to say as well.

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