Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Prayers for My Mom


I got an email message from both my sister and my mom Monday night, about my mom's pending eye surgery tomorrow. While my mom detailed the surgery and recovery procedures, my sister decided to shock me by telling me our mom's eye was popping out. I have no idea where she gets her smarty-pants sense of humor. My mom turning into Popeye, literally, is SO not funny.

I will spare you the really really really gross details, but the surgery is scheduled for Tuesday morning with a 4 day post-op recovery requiring my mom to remain face down in a special chair. Ugh, poor mom :-( I sure wish I could be there to help her, but my sister will be there so I feel better about that. Even if she does have a very twisted sense of humor and thinks Mom turning into Popeye is funny.

I appreciate in advance, your prayers for my mom during this time.


With all the business of Kev being admitted to the hospital himself yesterday, I never had a chance to update this post.

I spoke to my sister about 10 pm last night, and she told me that mom's surgery went well, and that she's at home already (outpatient surgery) and resting in her new face-down-for-four-days chair/table/apparatus thingy. Apparently, keeping yourself in this position for 4 days is the hardest part, so your continued prayers for her would sure be appreciated.

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