Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lets Go Shopping

Sometimes I link here to my store's weekly e-flyer, and sometimes I don't. It goes out every Friday morning to the nearly 600 email subscribers (thank you for subscribing, if you're one of them) and I also post it at the store, for those who like to read it on the web. This week I thought I'd just go ahead and post it here at my blog as well, for one simple reason. Okay scratch that, for 2 reasons.

Reason number one is, Kev says I have to sell lots and lots of t-shirts now since he'll be off work for (likely) the next six weeks and on short term disability pay. So, if you need a cool new t-shirt, mug, zip hoody or know anyone with a birthday coming up, I sure hope you do consider shopping at Reflections Apparel.

The second reason is, I just had so much fun creating this ad last night. Yes, we are 24 fans and make no apologies for it. Kev will be home from the hospital just in time to catch the season premier of the new season of 24 (this coming Sunday night!), which has been off the air for FAR too long. It's a great show where good guys win and bad guys go to jail (or sometimes blow up, but this can be an occupational hazard when you're a bad guy). So, if you're a 24 fan too, or know someone who is... check out this week's e-flyer:



24 t-shirts and more

For your favorite CTU agent wannabe - 24 t-shirts, hoodies and more


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