Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kids and Technology

Last night I watched a piece on the news about some concerned group from somewhere, funded by someone (you can tell I payed really close attention, right?) doing a study on kids and cellphones. Well I didn't pay attention to who did the study, but the results were not at all surprising.

The study basically put 10-12 year old kids in a virutal reality situation and had them talking on their cell phones at the same time as crossing a busy street. As it turns out, the kids yammering away on the phones were 47 times more likely to get hit by a car, because they didn't look before crossing or didn't pay attention while crossing. Okay now moms and dads, how many of us are actually surprised?

According to the study, of equally grave concern is kids in the same age group with iPod buds stuck in their ears and texting while walking.

My question is this:

Did anyone with 1/2 an ounce of common sense really need a study to tell us that when kids are distracted by all this electronic gadgetry, that they're going to be putting themselves in danger by not paying attention to their current surroundings?

My second question is this:

Why as parents, are we turning our kids into iPodTextCell heads, by giving them all these gadgets and gizmos?

My third question is this:

Who in the world are our kids talking to/texting with constantly, that is SO important, that they MUST be available all day long, wherever they go? Are they special consultants for a time sensitive govermental agency project? Are they living double lives and hiding the fact that they are ER trauma unit specialists, and therefore must be on call 24/7? Nope, neither of the above. You know who they're talking to/texting with? Friends who want to talk about some boy, or girl, or band, or where you're all going Friday night. Friends who are gossiping about the latest controversy at school. Dreadfully important stuff you know, stuff that cannot wait to be discussed. (Serious and/or important calls are of course exempt, but lets be real, these are kids, they're talking about what kids talk about and those serious/important calls are in the monumental MINORITY and we all know it).

I'm not against techno toys, really I'm not. I just think it's seriously creepy that we as parents are constantly plugged in, and now we're plugging in our kids too. There is something just so wrong with this. Maybe that's why someone figured the study needed to be done, since so many parents are supplying their kids with electronic distractions. Maybe next they can fund a study for why parents feel so compelled to do this.

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