Saturday, January 17, 2009


This playing nurse stuff really makes you busy, and VERY tired. Yesterday I snoozed away until someone finally came and woke me up at 9:45am. That just does NOT happen in my world, but it happened yesterday. Apparently, I was tired.

I have a minute today and I have some things on my mind that just really make me go "huh!?"

For example:

Strawberry scented underarm deodorant. Okay. I get the whole deodorant thing, I think we all do. But, STRAWBERRY? Come on, who really wants to walk around smelling like a strawberry? Baby powder, sport fresh, those I get. But the day I go around smelling like a mobile fruit salad, is the day I want to be locked in a safe room where I can't hurt anyone, or myself.

Booty calls. Do you know what those are? I didn't, so I had to ask. In fact, I had never even heard of one until a beer commericial on during a hockey game mentioned how manly and how truly Canadian you are (or something like that) if you passed one up, for hockey. Suffice it to say a booty call is when a young lady comes calling on a young man. You can figure out the rest. Yes like millions of other folks, I get my social/cultural education from Canadian beer commercials. I guess it would help if I hung around people who spoke that way, but I don't. Nor do I care to.

Yeah, those are the kinds of things that make me go "huh!?" Life is full of those, some are more serious than others but rarely does a day go by when I don't shake my head at something I hear or see.

Another one of those, is whats called hyper-connectivity. This is when you are plugged in 24/7, literally. Either your cell, blackberry, iPod, desktop, laptop, gaming console or all/one of the above, at ALL times. Sure we all love technology and sure it's quite handy and helpful, but good day in the morning Margaret, whatever happened to serious quiet time with just you and the Lord? You and your thoughts? You and nature? It's apparently gone the way of the cassette tape & VHS. I wonder what folks would do (the folks who are tech-junkies, I mean) if suddenly there was some kind of a electronic kaplooey (the technical term for what happens when electronic communications devices all go dead, like in an episode of 24 when terrorists gain control of the uber-chip that runs the American communications infrastructure... or something similiar) and none of those toys worked for a while? Honestly, I think they've become so dependant on them that they might not have a clue how to spend their day without them. Something is just very wrong with this when human beings become so reliant on metal and plastic and computer chips and parts.

I'm going birthday shopping this morning for my 10 year old, and I am not taking a cell phone, or any other device to contact anyone, or be contacted. I'm probably not even going to turn on the radio in the car. If that sounds creepy to someone, maybe that's the first sign you've turned into a tech-droid, and it's time to unplug for a while?

Could be.

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