Sunday, January 18, 2009

God Bless Us with Repentance

I don't read a lot of blogs these days, but on the ones I have read, I've noticed the topic being the upcoming inaugural prayers where Obama will be sworn in as the US president. Everyone seems to have an opinion on what should be said, and what should not be said. Along with those opinions, are all kinds of reasons for why this and why not that.

God Bless America with soul shaking, tear producing, behavior altering REPENTANCEWell, I'm not a pastor so I don't preach. I'm also not invited to give an inaugural prayer. I can however say that I know a very outspoken and very well spoken brother that once said something so simple and yet so obviously profound, that it stuck with me. It was so good, I turned it into a t-shirt graphic. You know, there are just all kinds of vulgar, obscene, trashy graphics & logos on t-shirts, I figure why not make an effort to counter the balance with things that give God honor and glory.

I can pretty much guarantee that no one reading this blog is going to be offering a prayer that the entire world will hear, but in lieu of that, if you agree with this statement, you can wear it, share it, and help promote it. Sure to be a conversation starter no matter where you live, and it's definitely the message America needs to be hearing RIGHT NOW.

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