Sunday, December 28, 2008

Wonky Weather Woes

Once upon a time on a Saturday night, light years away, Rosanne Rosannadanna used to say "it's always somethin'" It seems lately, Rosanne was quite accurate. This morning I woke up to insanely gusty winds and saw this on my home page, which is also the local weather page:

The thing is, I already knew how bad the winds were this morning since I looked out the window and saw all the damage. Nothing like what you might see from a hurricane, but with winds howling through here at 60mph, you end up with such things as your garden arbor, concrete Sign No Morebird bath and bird feeders all blown over. The kid's playhouse is in at least 9 pieces, and scattered all over the muddy, wet cornfield. The only part of it still located in the place where it was, is the door.

This sign, which was heavily duct taped to wooden stakes on both sides of the wire frame to reinforce it in case of winds just like this (pfft!), has been ripped right out of the duct tape and is nowhere to be seen. The hanging bird feeder on our kitchen porch had been ripped off the chain on one side and one side of the wooden basket was completely gone. It was spinning wildly in the wind and coming very close to hitting the kitchen window so Kev had to go out and take it down. The wind was blowing so hard he could barely push open the kitchen door to get out there.

All that snow that I've been shovelling? It's gone. I'd guess about 95% of our snow is melted after yesterday's warm front and on the one hand, that's a really good thing since we were literally running out of places to put it once we shoveled it. On the other hand, it's a really bad thing since when it melts here really fast like this, it means basement flooding. We currently have about 8 inches of standing water in our basement. All our firewood is also in the basement, so that means the bottom layer of wood is now soaked. We're hoping it's not high enough to do any damage to the furnace motor or hot water heater, but it's a wait and see situation right now.

So far, we haven't lost any trees, just a lot of limbs. Limbs are easy to clean up, trees are another matter. So, instead of getting up and getting ready for church this Sunday morning, we all got up and braced ourselves for whatever's coming next. When we have winds like this, we tend to lose trees and windows tend to blow out. We're really hoping that wont be the case this time, but it's all in the Lord's hands. Thankfully we did have a bit of a warm front so the house is not too cold, but since we can't start a fire in the wood furnace unless we wade through the water to do it, the house is sort of chilly today. Again, thankfully, we do have 3 rooms in the house that have baseboard heating instead of relying on the furnace.

The wind is supposed to die down later this afternoon, and that's when we'll go out and begin the cleanup. I hope your Sunday was much more pleasant than ours.

That house in the city is looking better and better to me all the time.

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