Friday, December 26, 2008

'Tis the Day After Karaoke Christmas

Well, it was a very busy Christmas. Between taking breaks between baking to shovel snow, and worrying that that plow wouldn't make it in time to allow traveling family members to even get down our road (he did, thankfully, and they all arrived safely, thankfully), and the big meal Christmas Eve followed by the Goof Gift Exchange (you have not had a Merry Christmas unless you receive a homemade pickle candle), the opening gifts Christmas day, phone calls to and from long distance family that we miss, frantically looking for AAA batteries, untwisting plastic twist ties that hold toys to the paperboard backing of packages, cutting myself on one of those wretched plastic packages, forgetting to have any wassail until it was gone, eating far too many shortbread cookies and playing with Jessica's new karaoke machine... it was a very busy Christmas indeed. It always is, and I wouldn't change one thing - except to have my mom here with us. As much fun as we always have at Christmas, ever since I moved to Canada 10 years ago, I always miss her Christmas day, even though we get to talk on the phone.

And now, for your musical entertainment, here's what we did yesterday afternoon. Please forgive the fashion disasters that we all are, Christmas day was meant for polar fleece comfies, even if they don't match. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well.

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