Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The REALLY Good Stuff: Radio Free Geneva

As it pertains to Christian teaching online, there's some really good stuff, some not so good stuff, and then there's the really bad stuff. I think there's probably a lot more of the really bad stuff than anything else. Online, you see, anyone and everyone can fancy themselves an expert, and with the right amout of charisma, they can even pull it off. They don't need to actually know anything, nor do they need to be well read, well researched, or well prepared to defend anything Biblical. The fact that this happens, speaks volumes toward the desperately sad state of genuine Biblical discernment among Christians.

Help support Alpha and Omega Ministries and get your very own, very cool RFG Gear, right here!Then... there's Radio Free Geneva. RFG, in my ever so humble opinion, falls into a category all it's own, "the really REALLY good stuff, that you shouldn't miss for any reason whatsoever".

Not only does Dr. James White do his homework, he's more than willing to say the things that ought to be said, and more than able to exegete Scripture in a way that even the youngest Christian can really understand well.

Yesterday, James continued his review of The John 3:16 Conference and statements made by Paige Patterson, David Allen, etc. You really should listen to what he had to say.

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