Tuesday, December 9, 2008

One Great Day

Yesterday, I was honored to give my five year old daughter Ruth, an outstanding achievement award for memorizing the first 21 questions and answers in the children's shorter catechism.

This is the third time I've taught through this, and the amazing thing is, is that even though it's geared for younger children, it is a great blessing to me, the teacher, every time I go through it. Not only is Ruth being taught from the earliest years why we believe what we believe, but I'm being refreshed again and again, as I teach it. I was very proud of her ability to remember the correct answers to the 21 questions. Now I just hope the Lord will be pleased to hide those truths in her heart, as she grows up.

Tulip thinks it's all over-rated, this busy Christmas season businessThe rest of this week is hectic-nutty-busy with finishing up units and then a very cool surprise Christmas party on Friday (shhh, don't tell the kids, they think they're doing lessons!) with Christmas cupcakes, Christmas music courtesy of Bing Crosby and Mylo & Emma Hatzenbuhler, and a Christmas snowman craft that we'll each get to make and hang on the tree. Somehow in there I have to find time to make 3 new stockings, 3 new candy ribbons for our 10 day countdown which begins on Monday, bake my world famous veggie lasagna for my own birthday party this weekend (no, Kevin cannot cook), and possibly even breathe, and sleep. And shovel the driveway, again and again. In any event...

It was just one great day of school yesterday. :-)

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