Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cats, Public Toilets and Playing the Fool

I have some very random thoughts today. Here goes:

• Why do folks say "raining cats and dogs" when it is quite obvious that common house pets are not falling from the sky? Where did that silly saying come from? If you're in the country, does it rain pigs and chickens? Horses and cows? (yes, I could google it but I'm too lazy) On the same note, why do people say "never look a gift horse in the mouth" when odds are, the vast majority of people don't even know what a gift horse is? Is there this mystical pony that shows up like the tooth fairy, bearing gifts? Is that the gift horse? No, that is not a gift horse, and yes I know what it means, and what it's supposed to convey, but people just run pell mell saying these things without even knowing why they say them. This should stop, immediately.

• If I added a snowblower to my amazon wishlist, Carla Rolfe's Goodies and Stuff would someone buy it for us? If I had a magic 8 ball, it would almost certainly say "not likely at this time". I got a Magic 8 ball for my birthday when I was about 10, and quite honestly I thought it was one of the coolest things, ever. It's pretty easy to impress a 10 year old with cheap plastic toys. Now that I'm 44 I think snowblowers are one of the coolest things, ever. Not only can they clear your driveway without killing your back, they can create a fine sledding hill at the same time!

ohhh so pretty!• I took some pics of my miniature village last night. These are the pics BEFORE the big snowstorm in our forecast. Since we're having a storm, I'll be adding snow to the village today so they can have snow too! By the time all is said and done, I'll really be wishing I had one of them snowblowers. Or wishing our driveway was as small as their driveways. This last week I can feel a twinge in my back which almost always means, my back is about to give out. If it just gave out that would be okay, but it is always accompanied by shooting pain, and shooting pain is never fun.

• Speaking of weather, Canadian weather forecasters crack me up sometimes. They use words like "phenomenal" and "dynamic". I'm not sure why they do that, it's not as if southern Ontario isn't quite accustomed to snow, snow and more snow in the winter time. Now if it were the middle of December and the highs were being forecast for 80 degrees, words like phenomenal would make a lot more sense.

• Speaking of sense, here's something that makes sense: clean public washrooms. You know how gross it is to have to use a public wash room that hasn't been cleaned since Nixon was in office? Well, my hat is off to the local Zehrs grocery store that not only keeps their bathrooms clean, but make them look very nice, like department store bathrooms. It's the little things and us women notice stuff like that.

• Have you ever completely humiliated yourself in public? Me too! In fact, it's pretty common with me. Here's the latest in the Carla's a Doofus McGoofus saga: So I'm at the local Mac's (convenience store which doubles as a postal outlet) the other day, putting stamps on my mail at the little counter that is seperate from the mail counter. Always before, since the beginning of time, I'm sure, they've had this little slot under the front end of the counter top for your trash. So, I finish peeling stamps off the backing and wad up all the backing and stuff it through the little slot. Only to step back and realize, that is no longer the trash slot, it's the outgoing mail slot! Well, I felt silly enough as is, but then I turned and noticed a woman looking at me like I'd just beaten a puppy. I didn't know it was the mail slot, really! The opening was far too small to stick my hand in and retrieve my trash, so I just had to stand there in line with OutGoing Mail Lady glaring at me. She's probably already blogged about idiots at the mail counter sticking garbage in the outgoing mail slot. Oh well.

I did have other random thoughts (like re-writing the 12 days of Christmas song to include cheetos, thermal socks and cafe mocha) but now the kids are fussing with each other about all kinds of earth shattering things so it's time to put on my stripey shirt and whistle and step in. While I'm doing that, you could go to James' youtube channel and help push the video views over 1 million. That would be pretty cool. He has over 300 videos there, so there's LOTS of good stuff to choose from. I've added many to my favorites, like this one, this one, and this one. (By stark contrast, my 20 little videos have only had 7400 views. Clearly, on the coolness scale, James is way up there, and I'm way down here. I'm good with that!)

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