Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What Love Does

"In the absence of evidence otherwise, love believes all things"

Have you ever heard anyone say that? I sure have, many times. It comes from 1Corinthians 13:4-7, specifically verse 7. Otherwise known as "the love" passage, this passage describes how one acts when they live out their selflessness, and humility. I went through this passage recently to do sort of a Love/Humility check up. In a rather systematic way, here's the list of what love looks like acted out:

• is patient
• is kind
• is not jealous
• doesn't draw attention to itself
• is not arrogant
• controls itself
• looks out for others
• is not easily provoked
• thinks no evil
• doesn't rejoice in sinful things
• rejoices in the truth
• bears all things
• believes all things
• hopes all things
• endures all things

As I went through that list it was hard not to notice with each item how/where I fall so incredibly short. The "believeth all things" quote is what initially sent me there, and what I was trying so hard to understand why it so often doesn't apply to me. I wish it did, but the truth is I often suspect ulterior motives or hidden agendas. Quite often my nagging doubts are proven to be true (I guess that's just life experience telling me this is how most people are), but there are enough times when they're not, that I end up feeling like a fool for having those thoughts to begin with. I'm not quite sure how to get from "suspect" to "just believe and let it go". That might not even make sense to anyone but me, but it makes perfect sense to me.

I think a good start to getting from one place to the other, is to keep hearing these reminders when I hear them. It's one thing to hear someone say this, but it's another matter completely to really hear someone say it. I like being reminded that love believes all things, and that it suffers long, and seeks not it's own. More than that, I need to be reminded of these things every single day, since I'm rather prone to acting and reacting in just the opposite way.

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