Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thankful: My Imperfect Family

Well the day is over and I'm a zombie, more or less. Having Kevin's birthday and American Thanksgiving on the same day and preparing a meal for 15 people really takes a lot out of a person. Before noon I had shovelled the driveway (I've already lost count of how many times I've shovelled already this year), walkway and deck. I ran to the store for butter (I always come up short on something, at the worst possible time), came home and made my world famous sausage stuffing, built a fire in the wood furnace, swept and mopped the floor, prepared & stuffed the bird and had it in the oven. Then, I peeled yams & prepared them, made applesauce sliced the strawberry bread and did all the dishes for the umpteenth time. By the time the turkey was half done I was well ready for a nap.

It's quite a lot of work to prepare food for a big family, and as exhausted as it makes me, I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm thankful the Lord provides the means to do it, and that all my kids are under one roof at one time. That doesn't happen very often anymore, now that the oldest three are all grown up and moved out. One change I'm going to make though, is moving Kev's birthday celebration. I think he felt rather left out today for all the busy-ness of Thanksgiving, and that made me feel bad. :-( His actual birthday is on Monday so the kids and I are planning a special day for him. He doesn't read my blog every day so I can get away with saying that and him never knowing until after the fact.

It's funny. If someone had asked me what I thought my life might be like when all the kids were younger, I would have never suspected it would be the way it is. In some ways that's very good, and in other ways it's not so good at all, but it's the life the Lord has layed out for me so it's right, even when it's not so good. I don't plan to live in this great big ole farmhouse for too many more years, so I'm going to enjoy having all this room for big family gatherings, as long as we're here.

I was too busy to take many pics, but the ones I did take are here. It was boys against the girls at Taboo, and even though the girls lost (the boys cheat) it was a lot of fun. I suspect there will be a rematch in 2 weeks when we gather together again for my birthday.

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