Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thankful for Preaching Truth

Rebecca is doing a month-long theme on thankfulness, and if you haven't read the posts she's linked to there you really should. I haven't read them all only because I've been rather out of touch with being sick. The ones I have though, have encouraged me each time and I'm so glad she's doing this theme again this year.

Along this same line, I am so thankful for this message from Phil Johnson. When I began to listen to the first few minutes of it, it brought tears to my eyes. This subject is so dear to my heart, so to hear someone else preach on this subject with such deep conviction and in support for a high view of God, His name, and His word, is a welcome relief in ways I'm not even sure I can accurately express. I posted on this very subject here last month, and tried to say exactly what Phil says in this message. I'm sure he says it better.

I would really encourage you all to give this a listen.

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