Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Yesterday was fun. Since Kev's birthday got all jumbled up with our Thanksgiving dinner, I decided to hatch a plan for his actual birthday, which was yesterday. I didn't tell the kids because kids tend to blurt out secrets and surprises accidentally.

I played it off like the day would be a regular school day, and tried my very best to act normal, before Kev left for work. This wasn't easy since a.) I'm a terrible faker and b.) I'm not normal. It worked though, and he left without a clue what I was up to. Before he was even halfway down the driveway I announced the plan to the kids. Get dressed, brush your hair and get your shoes and socks on, we're pulling off a surprise birthday party for papa! We had to go out though, since I didn't have anything I needed for a surprise birthday party.

First, we stopped at the grocery store to get everything for his favorite dinner (stuffed green peppers) and a cake. I also wanted a nice helium balloon so we picked one out and the lady at the floral counter had such a hard time with the helium machine (and required 2 extra people to help her) they ended up giving us the balloon for free. The next stop was at the dollar store where they have tons and tons of really great hats, gloves, scarves and such, and we picked out a nice matching set for him, and a cute little toy, plus party decorations. You just cant beat the dollar store for such things. Then, it was off to the Christian bookstore where they did NOT have a single book on his book list. They did have plenty of self-help junk, pomo-emergent junk, and useless fluff, however. I found my way to the dvd section and we got him the Ben Stein Expelled dvd. It was time to head home and whip the whole thing together.

We got home just in time, as it started snowing like crazy, even before I had all the bags unloaded in the kitchen. While the kids cleaned up the game room I whipped together the cake, popped it in the oven and prepared the stuffed green peppers. After that I blew up lots of balloons and hung "happy birthday" banners around the kitchen. The cake was done cooling so I frosted that, washed all the dishes and had just enough time to sit down and relax (and plan my Christmas list & card list) before it was time to hide!

It is almost never quiet when anyone walks into this house, so that alone must have tipped him off that we were up to something. It didn't help that one of the kids left the van's side door open, so he already knew we'd been out! At any rate, he came in to an eerily silent house, and called out "hello?" No answer! We were too busy giggling in hushed tones in the kitchen. The kids were hiding behind the table and I was around the corner in the laundry room. He came in and up they popped from behind the table yelling SURPRISE! and I came around the corner with my camera. He was indeed surprised to come in and see all the decorations and to the scent of stuffed peppers baking in the oven.

I've never pulled off a surprise party before, and never pulled off a birthday in just a few hours time. Except for forgetting the ice cream to go with the cake, it was a smashing success! Here are some pics:

Kev and the kids

He was quite surprised :-)

a brand new pool table!

Not everyone gets one of these for their birthday!


Great movie - I highly recommend it.

As an added bonus, after dinner and dessert we all sat down and watched Expelled. Near the end of the dvd Rachel, who will be just 10 years old in a couple of months declared "Richard Dawkins is an idiot". She had never even heard of him before yesterday, and made that assessment after hearing him state his position, himself. Out of the mouths of babes, eh?

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