Sunday, November 16, 2008

On Being a Country Bumpkin

So, we have this test we use in the winter time to determine if highway driving is safe or not. When it's snowing or has recently snowed, we watch the vehicles on the highway across the cornfield. Between our house and the main highway between the two closest towns north and south of us, is about 50 acres of cornfield. We can't see the highway until the fall harvest is all done, and that's usually the same time it starts snowing - so it's handy they cut the corn down just for us. There are essentially three categories for the test:

1.) if the vehicles are all travelling at a regular rate of speed, the roads are fine
2.) if the vehicles are creeping along at a snails pace, we stay home and wait it out
3.) if most of the vehicles are moving slowly but every once in a while some bonehead is flying down the highway, we stay home and wait it out

Regardless of how much snow we get, there is always a speeding bonehead on the highway. I do not use this term lightly, these are the people that cause massive accidents and much heartache every winter on the roads of Southern Ontario. They don't even deserve to have a license, as far as I'm concerned.

a view from my windowLast night the roads didn't pass the test, as all vehicles were moving slowly. This morning the outcome of last night's surprise snowfall was more evident, as there are LOTS of big branches down all over the yard - and more snow coming down. It's just at the freezing point so this is the wet, heavy stuff that makes excellent snowballs but also brings down branches and power lines. Thankfully we haven't lost power, yet. It has flickered a few times, but that's it.

This was what I woke up to this morning, as I walked into the kitchen. The weather people say we have more coming today, and tomorrow.

Thus begins Winter 2008/09 in the country.

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