Thursday, November 6, 2008

Now That's Just Plain Freaky-Weird

I woke up yesterday morning and plodded into the kitchen for my first cup of happy sanity coffee, and was suddenly startled by three loud BANGS. My first thought was "gunshot, very close!" It was so close in fact, it sounded like it was right in the yard. I headed out to the deck and before I even opened the door I heard two more shots. Sure enough, it was gunfire. Later, mmm... supper!one of the barn workers said someone was out near the road shooting at deer. What???

I realize the economy is bad, but who stops on the way to work to kill supper? I mean, you're driving along the road and you just so happen to have your hunting rifle in your vehicle... see a deer and pull over and start shooting at it? Who does this?

Very strange indeed. What's even more strange, is that about 90 minutes later I received an email note that someone bought this from my store.

I couldn't have made that up, if I tried.

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