Monday, November 24, 2008

James White Responds to David Allen

I recently wrote about how David Allen accused James White of being a hyper-Calvinist, at the John 3:16 conference. I wrote about it not because it's controversial, but because I too have been accused of this. James wrote something today that I was so glad to see:

"Does God command repentance? Of course. Of all? Yes, of all. Do you proclaim the gospel to all? Yes, to all. Do you say it is the duty of all to believe? Surely, of course. Do you believe the proclamation of the gospel is the means by which God's Spirit draws the elect unto Christ? Most assuredly. So what is the single basis of Allen's accustion of "hyper-Calvinism"? My refusal to believe God decreed His eternal disappointment. I find nothing in Scripture or in the LBCF1689 that forces me to believe that God chose to create in such a fashion as to create His own unhappiness, His own lack of fulfillment. I see no reason to believe that God desires to do something He does not will to accomplish."

His entire post is much longer, and well worth reading. Also, take the time to watch the video he's posted and if you're able, tune in for the Dividing Line, Tuesday at 1pm eastern time, for more on this doctrinal issue.

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