Tuesday, October 7, 2008

With a Thankful Heart

I know I've said it before but I'm going to say it again. I will never get used to having Thanksgiving dinner just days after taking down the pool and before I even get a chance to put away summer clothes. I suppose if I had grown in up Canada it would be perfectly normal to me, but I didn't so it isn't. It's rather odd to me to see the WalMart and grocery store fliers advertising turkeys and all the fixin's on sale on one page, then the next page see all the Halloween goodies on sale, then on the next page see Christmas decorations. You walk into any store and it pretty much looks like all three holidays had a collision in one aisle and they can't decide which to promote more prominantly. For me, that's just weird. In any case...

Yes, Canadian Thanksgiving is coming in less than a week, so I'm in baking/cooking/cleaning mode. I'll be heading out to the store later today to pick up some things for baking ahead of time (pies, stuffing prep) and hoping they have egg nog in stock already. You can't have a real Thanksgiving dinner without egg nog, can you!? (Canadian stores don't usually begin stocking it until November, but one year they did have it in early!) Also this morning, we had the first frost and the kids have already been outside to walk in it and get excited about it. Ruth, in her 5 year old wisdom declared that since there is frost on the ground, it will be snowing later today. The weatherman says clear and sunny and a high of 63 today. I'm going to side with weather guy on this one. Funny thing is, we're having our holiday meal on Saturday (even though Thanksgiving is officially on Monday) and the weather guy is saying clear and sunny and a high of 73 for that day. Is it even legal to eat a turkey dinner with clear skies and a high of 73?! I'm pretty sure there's some kind of law against that. I'm from Washington, it's supposed to be gray and drizzly and cool on Thanksgiving day! (Although I am not officially complaining about a high of 73, sounds like it'll be a beautiful day for going on an after-dinner walk).

So then, my thoughts are filled with culture clash, sausage & cornbread stuffing, family, scented candles, laughing, shooing short people (and not-so-short people that get in my way) out of my kitchen, and being thankful. For whatever reason, it's easier than falling off a log to sit around and complain about all the things that aren't going your way, and things you don't like. It takes a bit more effort to dwell on the good things and things you're thankful for. So, for the rest of the month I'm going to find at least one thing every morning that I'm thankful for. God's blessings in my life have been monumentally HUGE, and I know it, even though it's still easier to snivel and whine and lament over the hard things and the painful things.

I hope you'll join me and leave a thankful comment too, for something you're thankful for.

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