Monday, October 13, 2008

When Seasons Collide

By all accounts, it looked very much like any summer day. With a high of 80 degrees, the sun was shining brightly in the blue sky, as a warm and gentle breeze drifted through the air. Everywhere you looked, people were about, washing their cars, riding bikes, walking their dogs, or rollerblading down the sidewalks. Dressed in flip flops, tank tops and shorts, they were all enjoying the beautiful day. However, instead of water drops coming from yard sprinklers on a typical summer day, the only thing falling were autumn leaves. Instead of the backdrop of trees dressed in their brilliant shades of green, they were all dressed up today in fiery reds, dazzling oranges and starburst yellows. Yes indeed, Thanksgiving Day 2008 in Southern Ontario will go down in the history books as one of the most beautiful fall holidays.

I was able to enjoy the scenery today since I had to run some errands (to the very few places that were open to day) and so I took my buddy Kodak with me:

One of the most incredible things happened today though. This is something I have never captured on film before. It's a well known country legend that on the first full moon of the Autumn (and it must occur before the corn is harvested), just at dusk, childlike creatures will actually descend from the trees! I've heard this was true but until tonight, I'd never been able to prove it. I submit proof that the country legend is actually true:

It's just a coincidence that this particular herd of childlike creatures happened to descend from the trees just above the trampoline.

More pics here at my flickr page from today, if you'd like to see those.

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