Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thankful: Body Parts

By that I mean, others in the body that consistantly encourage, challenge, inspire and edify me.

It's kind of funny to look back at how I used to think of Christians. When you're unsaved, you have an impression of what Christians are like, but you don't really know what they're like at all. Your impression might come from tv shows or movies, or maybe even a professing Christian you've met that may not have been the best witness for Christ. Maybe you've even had a really good experience with a Christian in your unsaved state, but you still don't really get it, until you become one. By getting it, what I mean is the way the Lord changes hearts from self-centered and self-serving, to other-centered and other-serving. Quite literally, one day you're walking along in your sin, then He changes you and the next day you live to serve and you LOVE to serve. Isn't that incredible? You know it's not you doing this, because yesterday this was not you, and today it is, and it's very real.

There are some ladies in my church who serve tirelessly. They are the first ones anyone calls on because they have become known for their service. They are also the first ones to volunteer, because it's what they do.

A few weeks ago while doing our Beautiful Girlhood lesson, the girls were to list a couple of women that they know that they might think of when they read about a Proverbs 31 woman. An example in their own lives, that they could look up to as a mentor. The only rule was (and this was my rule) that they couldn't name me. I am so far short of a Proverbs 31 woman, but I know my girls and I know they'd want to name me because they like to say nice things about me. (They're not teenagers yet, I suppose this might change in a few years). So, I encouraged them to think about some of the ladies in our church.

I found it interesting that they both immediately named the same two women. When I asked them "what is it about these two ladies that make you think they're Proverbs 31 women?" They each rattled off a list of all the ways these ladies help, and care, and are always there when needed, and that they love the Lord. Interestingly enough, everything they said about these women is not only true, but it would have been the same thing I said, had I been asked.

Not only do my girls need good and godly examples of women in their lives, but I sure do too. So today I am thankful not only for myself, but for my girls too, for such a blessing.

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