Friday, October 31, 2008

Politics: A Messy Mindgame

Like most Americans, I've been following the election news rather closely the last few months. Even more so the last few weeks. I haven't written on it (until now) for several reasons. Others have been writing about it and doing a bang-up job, I can't top what others are saying and I have no desire to try. I do however have some venting to do and since this is my blog and I get to do that here, here we go.

- I've read numerous times that a vote for anyone other than McCain, is essentially a vote for Obama. I know why folks say this, and I understand their passion in not wanting an Obamanation. However, if a person is personally convicted to vote for someone other than McCain, then respect ought to be granted there for that conviction. I know... we're talking politics where respect quite often tends to go out the window, even among Christians, sadly. In case you're wondering, no, I don't think it's disrespectful to refer to an Obama presidency as an Obamanation, considering the man's stand on a wide variety of issues.

- This is the first presidential election in my adult life that I have both payed very close attention to and at the end of the day been left feeling like this is the most significant, downward turning point for the United States of America. If Obama is elected (and I believe he will be) there will be changes coming that will not be undone, should have never happened, and my fellow countrymen will grieve.

- Some Christians have commented here and there that God is still in control and maybe it's a judgement on America that Obama take the reigns. I can see the reason for folks saying that. As a people, we do tend to reap what we sow. If we sow immorality and compromise and tolerance of sinful and ungodly things... well, we get what we deserve. A question to ponder is: do we deserve an Obama Presidency, or a McCain one? It's clear to anyone with 1/2 of a brain cell and a drop of morality that we as a nation indeed have sown generations worth of immorality, compromise and ungodly things.

- Some Christians have mentioned that a McCain presidency wouldn't really look all that different than an Obama presidency. I disagree there, but I do agree that he's not the candidate I'd hope for either - as much as I like Sarah Palin.

- Some say the Obama presidency (and the campaign) is being bought/funded by foreign power and money. Most would be quick to write off such a statement as a conspiratorial paranoia, but we need to really give that one some serious thought. The global political landscape is a game of dirty pool and we all know it, even if we don't want to come right out and say it outloud. Hidden agenda, ulterior motive, self-centered ambition, power-mongering... and those are the just the most obvious hallmarks of politics today. Maybe they've always been part of the political game. If an Obama presidency was in fact bought buy a foreign power, would any rational thinking American really be all that shocked? Seriously?

- Some say Obama isn't even a natural born citizen (was he actually born in Kenya?) and that his (short form) birth certificate is a forgery. More crack-pot paranioa? Is this just mud slinging by the anti-Obama crowd? Again, if it's not, and it can be proven that he is in fact not a natural born citizen of the USA, but gets elected anyway... who would really be shocked? Honestly?

These are just a few thoughts on this rather uneasy time. I don't pretend to have any answers, except to say that it's a really good time to ask ourselves just how much we really do trust God's sovereign hand in setting up leaders and taking them down again.

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