Friday, October 3, 2008

Odds & Ends

It's been a hectic, complicated and long week. Yes I know weeks are always 7 days long, but this one was more like 11.5 days, somehow. Sometimes it just works out that way I suppose. Just to wrap a few things up & mention things I don't want to forget:

- Thanks for those of you who left a comment on the re-published posts on Christians and language. A lot of what I've read this past week has really been a benefit to me and caused me to rethink a few things as well. Iron truly does sharpen iron.

- If you somehow missed yesterday's Dividing Line, you need to hear it. No, you really need to hear what Dr. White had to say in the first 30 minutes. Every Christian ought to pay very close attention to this.

- The store's weekly newsletter is up, if you'd like to see what's new, what's featured, and what's cool. If you were looking for a Reformation Day t-shirt, we've got those too. Afterall, isn't everyone looking for a Reformation Day t-shirt?

- For you diehard scrabulous fans, it's not dead yet! It just relocated to I haven't been able to get the email version working, but I hope they're fixing that, and soon.

- We added a bonus day this week in school and bumped library day to Thursday and added another swim day for Friday. At the library yesterday the books checked out were on ponies, kitties, dinosaurs and... Teddy Roosevelt. I must be doing something right. Rachel actually requested it, by title, the last time we were there.

- So far, the poll in the sidebar says the 41-50 age group is the best represented age group reading here, with the 51-60 crowd coming in second. There wasn't really a reason to set that poll up, I was just curious. If you haven't voted in that poll, maybe you could take a sec and do that?

- I have some thoughts stirring on discernment, "watchbloggers" and the idea that we (Christians) can (or should) declare someone unsaved, and/or a phoney Christian. Right now, they're all rather disconnected thoughts that do indeed connect and intersect at various places. I plan to blog on this soon, but want to stew a little more on some of these thoughts that will probably get me into trouble with someone. You might even be a little surprised at what I have to say, when I finally do say it.

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