Saturday, October 18, 2008

A HUGE Book Issue!

I have unread books sitting on my desk. I know! Isn't that insane?

I have had my reading routine seriously altered, but over the next week or so I hope to clear away some obstacles that have altered that routine and get back to it. I'm very much looking forward to being back in my comfy chair with my lap blankie, my cheetos and a good book. (No, you can't read a book without snackies, because you might be there a while and you'll get hungry - so you need to have supplies with you!)

So, I'm putting up a new poll for a couple of weeks, to see what my readers suggest. The four books I want to read the most are there, and I'm curious which one you think I should read first.

In addition, if there is a great book you've recently read that isn't on my list and one that I MUST read, please do leave that suggestion in the comments. I'm a fast reader, so once I get back into my routine, it wont take long before these 4 are done. (Hint: I'd like some solidly reformed women authors on my list).

Oh, and if you're interested in the results of the last poll:

What is your age group? Of the 66 voters, here's how it came out:

Under 20: 2 votes (3% of readership)

21-30: 11 votes (16% of readership)

31-40: 12 votes (18% of readership)

41-50: 23 votes (34% of readership)

51-60: 11 votes (16% of readership)

Over 60: 7 votes (10% of readership)

I didn't really have a reason other than curiousity, for posting that poll. Thanks for voting, and please do take a minute to vote in the new one.

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