Saturday, October 11, 2008

Canadian Thanksgiving

What do you do when you have one husband, one mother in law, one sister in law, seven kids, one grandkid, one daughter's boyfriend, five dogs and three cats all in your kitchen?

this is the 'why is everyone in my kitchen, again?' look

First, you pray and thank the Lord for His goodness and His provision. Then, you tell everyone to get out so you can finish preparing dinner. Then, you line all the food up buffet style, dish up the smallest kids and tell everyone else to grab a plate and get in line. You realize you forgot to make the corn, but there is already so much food on the table now, you're running out of room for hot pads & hotter dishes fresh out of the oven. You laugh when your mother in law drops the rolls out of the foil straight into the oven and the jokes begin about "exposed buns". You make sure everyone else gets their plate before you do, because you're the mom and that's what moms do. Then you dish yourself up and find a spot to sit.

I'm so glad all my babies were here today. I honestly don't think anything makes me happier than to see them all under one roof. Even if I do have to give them all the look that says "get out of my kitchen or you're eating cat food for supper". :-) Hearing "thanks for dinner, mom" and watching them pitch in to clear the table and wash dishes without being asked, is just the icing on the cake and proof that I did something right raising my beautiful people.

Just as we were about to have pie, one of the nice young women that works in the barn showed up with her horse just for the kids to take a ride! Imagine their faces as we all stood in the kitchen ready for pie, and a big, beautiful horse walks into the back yard. Pie plates were immediately put down on the table as all the kids bailed out the back door to see Debbie and and Daisy!

What a wonderful treat for them today. Samuel opted out of a ride (he's not very adventuresome) but the girls all had a wonderful time.




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