Sunday, October 5, 2008

Audio Food

Have you ever wished you could hand pick your family members? Maybe you grew up without a parent in your life and there was someone so influential that you'd pick them as your mom, or your dad. Maybe you didn't have brothers, or sisters, and have a dear friend that if you could pick them, they'd be the ones you'd pick to be your immediate family members. One of the great blessings in living the Christian life, is that your dearest Christian friends are actually your siblings in Christ.

Two brothers that I would pick for brothers if it were up to me, would be this one, and this one. Both have been a blessing to my life over the years. They've challenged my way of thinking, they've inspired me to search the Scriptures (and my own heart, thoughts and attitude), and they've both made me laugh at times so hard, I hurt myself. Yep, they're family.

I want to share a couple of those blessings with you today as well. Since I'm in Sinus Headache NightmareLand today, I'm home from church. I wanted something to listen to today while I'm home, so here's what I listened to:

Eddie: last Sunday Eddie preached a message called A Bedrock and A Body: The Identity, Purpose, and Practice of the Church. Part 1 of a two part message (part 2 is today, and he assured me it will be available by Monday), that was just a really good message. It's most likely nothing you haven't heard before as a Christian, but quite likely something you need to hear again, and again, and again. Be sure to bookmark that page and grab part 2 tomorrow, or listen to some of the other messages there as well.

James: you may have noticed in the side bar that I've added a link called Why Christianity? I've heard this message from James before, but as I was looking over his site this morning I decided to download it and listen again. I'm so glad I did, and I wanted to make it a permanent link here for my readers as well. It's a great message to share with your unsaved loved ones as well. Do give it a listen, and share it with everyone you know, that needs to hear it.

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