Thursday, October 30, 2008

After the Snow...

and now, your local forecast...

SUN! I must say, after waking up yesterday and seeing snow on the ground, and seeing it come down the way it was in the snowsqualls, I was quite pleased to see the forecast for the next five days did NOT contain anything falling from the sky - except the rays of the sun.

How ironic that when I was a teenager my friends used to tease me that I'd be that old lady that wears a sweater and long pants in the summer time if the temperature dips below 75. Ironic since, I'm not officially old yet (not a clue when "old" comes, but I'm pretty sure I'm not there yet), but I do in fact get a chill if it goes below 75. Yes, I do wear a sweater (polar fleece jackets to be precise, I have one in pretty much every color), and long, comfy pants. Indeed, I am a cold-weather-wimp.

I'm going to be enjoying this minor heat wave over the next few days, since it is the end of October and that means months of doom and gloom and cold are just around the corner.

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