Thursday, September 18, 2008

Whip Crackin' Update3

So then, three months ago I started what I hoped would finally be a regular workout routine. I have never been able to stick with one, and I was hoping I'd have the hoo-haa to finally do that. I'm happy to report that I have indeed discovered my inner hoo-haa, and stuck with this routine.

As I've mentioned in previous updates, I work out with a set number of strenghthening/toning exercises, Monday through Friday and give myself weekends off. This past month went like that except for the week that I had a pity party. So I'll start with the not-so-great news first.

At 43 years old, after having 900 kids, the last thing I think any woman wants to hear, especially if she hasn't been pregnant for over 5 years, is "you look pregnant". If there is a way to crush your ambition and make you feel like Loser Extraordinairre, that's the way to do it. This past month someone actually said that to me, and I just sort of died a little. They weren't trying to be hurtful but it hurt (a lot) all the same. The thing is, 5 years ago when I was pregnant with my last child, I gained a massive (read: Orca) amount of weight. It's taken these last five years to get rid of it, and the last 15 pounds or so is all right in front. I recall as a kid hearing an older lady say once that it was a "pot gut" or a "mama lump" that all older moms have. Surely *I* would never have a pot gut, I thought. Pfft, welcome to never say never.

So I was massively discouraged and just gave myself all kinds of excuses to give up trying. For a week I pouted around when it was my usual time to work out and found plenty of other things to do. Then the pity party was over when I gave myself a pep talk and reminded myself that pouting never got rid of a mama lump. Hard work is the only way to do that. (or surgery, and that's not happening).

I got back at it, and for the rest of the month I did all my repetitions, struggling still with the ones that target my lower abs, and still not able to do more than 10 repetitions of those. Mama lumps are easy to gain, but very very resistant to going away.

On the advice of my daughter I quit worrying about checking my weight, and decided to go with measurements instead. I took all my measurements on 8/20 (and did not weigh-in all month long), and took them again today. I was rather stunned to add up the loss, which comes out to a grand total of 5.5 inches overall, in just the last month! Yay for me, I think I'm finally on my way to being able to wear clothes that actually fit the way they're supposed to, rather than slop around in my 1 size too big t-shirts.

On a more annoying note, I did actually weigh myself today on my evil, broken scale. It screamed up at me in a horrifying, shrill, banshee-like scream "you've GAINED five pounds you slob!!!" I did what any self-respecting middle aged homeschool mom would do. I killed it.

I don't believe it anyway, it's an evil scale. May it rest in peace at the county dump, forever.

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