Sunday, September 21, 2008

Farewell Summer, Hello Icky Old Man Winter...

Well, the time for denial is over as the calendar officially tells me that this is the very last day of summer, and fall 2008 begins tomorrow. Summer 2008 was a great summer, and I will miss it.

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved fall. There are so many things about it to love, from the brilliant color change in the trees, to the crisp fall air and smell of woodsmoke in the air, to the tingly, anticipation of the soon coming holiday season of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Then of course there's also all the hearty "comfort foods" that go along with fall as well, such as homemade potato soup and a ginger spiced pear crisp dessert. Maybe part of the reason I battle losing that pesky 20 pounds, is because "comfort food" season in southern Ontario begins now, and doesn't end until around the end of April. That's 7 long months of being stuck inside, through a cold, dark, snowy, blowy, yucky season. This is the part of saying goodbye to summer that I really don't like. At all.

As I thought about this for the last few weeks, and thought about just how much I'm dreading winter this year (the older I get the more my bones literally ache with the cold weather), I realized a few things. In no particular order, here are some thoughts about getting old and saying goodbye to summer:

people who pack up and head for Florida after Canadian Thanksgiving (October 13th this year) are the smart ones (and for those who don't, the rest of the list is for you)
warm brownies with warm caramel sauce make -30 weather in January a little more tolerable
thermal socks rock (and I still don't have any... note to self: go to TSC hardware and buy 4 pair next payday)
put up the outdoor Christmas lights NOW, or they wont go up at all (like last year)
bad joints are more accurate than university educated meteorologists (if yours haven't begun to fall apart yet, find someone who's have, and they can tell you when its going to snow)
In February, when you've finally snapped, cut out a giant yellow circle from neon colored poster board and tape it to the ceiling. Turn up the heat to 90, put your shorts and tanks on and have a beach party on the kitchen floor. Ignore the 3 inches of ice on your windows, it'll mess with your summer-theme.

If you have any "I'm getting older therefore I'm smarter than I used to be and winter is coming so here's what we do" tips to add to the list, please feel free to share those.

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