Sunday, September 14, 2008

Random Thoughts On a Sunday Evening

So what to do when you have numerous thoughts rattling around in your head just itchin' to come out? Well, you might take inventory to really ask yourself which ones are really worth writing about. Which ones will anyone care about? It's hard to say really, since I might spend days of research and diligent prayer on something doctrinally meaty and it goes completely ignored, while a completely pointless post on squirrel eyelashes (or something similarly pointless) snags 39 comments. You just never know what might strike the interest of your bloggy readers.

It could be...

• The idea that the great art of storytelling has been practically lost. Just about every kid wants to hear a story before bedtime, but no one tells them anymore. Old time radio shows used to be insanely popular, and they were replaced by tv which tells and shows so much skank-o-filth, that you cringe just turning the channels. I thought about this as I listened to The Vinyl Cafe on the radio the other day, then wondered if I should even link to it, or if anyone would even care. I know some will, though. I think? Minus the one time I've heard the narrator take the Lord's name in vain, I absolutely love the adventures of Dave and Morley. I can't vouch for every show since I haven't heard them all, but you can give it a listen and decide for yourself if it's worth your time. Full Disclaimer: this is not a Christian show, but the ones I have heard are quite clean and enjoyable, all the same.

• The fact that Hurricane Ike turned into Tropical Depression Ike, and has caused a great deal of depression for me! Okay my house isn't flooded (except the basement, but we're not going there, literally), but it's ugly enough out there all the same. I spent so much time and effort and energy to plant my beautiful morning glories to crawl up the arbor entrance to my fairy garden... just to have the entire arbor ripped from the ground by today's storm. With winds at 40-50mph and a massive amount of rain, the ground turned into oatmeal and anything not cemented down was torn up. I just looked out yesterday too and thought "I should get a picture of this, they're finally covering the whole thing and it looks so pretty with all of them in full bloom." I really should have, but I didn't. All together now in the voice of Napoleon Dynomite say "idiot!"

• Maybe it's interesting to someone that it bugged me to no end today that my pastor didn't know what a "branch to the nose" meant, in Ezekiel 8:17. I don't know what it means either, but I wanted him to know, so that I could know. According to my fine John MacArthur NASB study bible, pastor John doesn't know exactly what it means either. I know this because I checked when I came home. I do that kind of thing. Do you know what it means?

• It's likely not at all interesting to anyone that going to church today was difficult, but I was NOT going to miss church for 3 Sundays in a row. Three weeks ago it was brutal tummy trouble, last Sunday was a neck so painfully stiff that it hurt to breathe. My neck flare up was going away until my great dog-search adventure and after that day it flared up again, big time. When I woke up today I could barely move to fix my hair (and just gave up and pulled it back) but I was bound and determined to go to church. I tried to smile, but it was rough. I wanted to lay on the floor and take the pressure off my neck but Kev said no. If I were younger I could have gotten away with it and no one would have cared. In fact, I doubt if anyone would have really cared if I had done that, as long as I wasn't in anyone's way. I guess it was pretty obvious to everyone that I was in so much pain, since several did come up to me and express concern. Bless their hearts, I know they'll be praying for me. If I'm going to keep falling apart as I get older, I'd like to fall apart on Tuesdays, when I don't have any plans anyway, and leave Sundays free to go to church.

• Interest might line up with how to handle (biblically, and with much grace and being a sterling example to all watching) being lied about, betrayed, or generally mistreated. How to graciously react when you've been deeply hurt, and that hurt continues and doesn't seem to want to go away. The right way to think about such things and deal with such things so that bitterness and sinful thoughts or feelings don't take over - which is very easy for such sinful people like us. I only wish I had a nice and neat little to-do list for this one, but I don't. I know one of the first things you do is hush your mouth and don't say what the flesh is screaming for you to say (when the flesh screams, it's best to get the duct tape since it will NEVER be good), and then you purposefully and intentionally set your thoughts on the things of God, and seek His guidance, wisdom, mercy and strength, through prayer. Battling bitterness when you've been done wrong is a really hard thing to do, but it's a little easier when you remember (and making yourself remember is advisable) that we're all sinners and all say and do things at times we ought not have done. It's a little harder to get up on that "I'm so innocent and you're so cruel" horse when you remember that you're just as much of a sinner as the next person. Its also much easier to feel merciful toward others who do this, when you know it's mercy you desire too, when you blow it. It's not a neatly packaged list, but hopefully it helps.

• Maybe you're curious as to why I added the new poll in the sidebar? No reason really, I was just curious myself as to the predominant age of my readers. Its totally anon, I can't see your names attached to your choices so go ahead and pick your age group. If you don't mind, that is.

Maybe none of the above is interesting to you at all. That's fine, there's always this to entertain yourself with.

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