Thursday, September 4, 2008

Q: How to give liberals the creeps? A: Sarah Palin

So I watched with hopeful anticipation, Sarah Palin speak to the country last night. Not long before that, I wasn't even sure I'd be able to watch, and had been talking with a dear friend about her. Her qualifications, her example to Christian women, etc. My friend said "so, where do you stand on Sarah Palin?". In all honesty, I would have had to say I was 90% for her, 10% unsure and on the fence. The on the fence part is because I have huge issues with moms having a career outside the home (that takes them away from their family and taking care of their home) if they don't have to be. I know that many will say it's private Palin family business what she does with her time as a mother, but this is a huge topic among evangelicals and something we need clear lines on. It's hard enough to get this Proverbs 31/Titus 2 Woman thing down, with all the blithering idiocy out there in the world confusing the message. And we all know, there is no shortage of blithering idiocy, on various topics (see: Obama, Oprah, Tolle, etc.). The 90% for her was and is for her stand on issues that matter to me, as a mom, as a Christian, and as an American.

While I still don't know what to make of what I think of her being a career woman and a mom at the same time (public servant career by conviction? that's another important consideration), I must say that her speech last night was nothing short of brilliantly delivered. I already thought she was a fantastic public speaker, but more than that she doesn't come off like a polished politician (read: full of baloney), but a real mom/neighbor/friend with real concerns about things that matter AND real solutions that actually work - with a track record to prove it. That nails it for me. You can make all the campaign promises in the world, but if you don't have the tenacity to roll up your sleeves and do what needs doing to get the job done, you're a waste of the people's time, energy and support. I know, I'm so subtle.

I recall someone once joking that if the US government really wanted to find Bin Laden, all they'd have to do is send a brigade of moms over there (with plenty of coffee, and chocolate) and he'd be delivered in no time flat. I remembered that joke last night as I listened to her speak. Determined moms just have this way of getting things done that need getting done. Sarah Palin is clearly one of those kinds of moms.

So she came across to me last night as witty, clever, determined, convincing, encouraging, hopeful and seriously down to earth. Her comment about special needs families having a friend and an advocate in the White House, should the American people put her and McCain in office, seriously impressed me. I don't have a Down Syndrome child, but I know a family that has five of them, and the burdens they face are unimaginable to the average family that has never gone through this. Knowing that we would have a friend in the White House with compassion and understanding of special needs children, goes a long way for me.

Before McCain picked Sarah Palin, I was feeling a cross between apathetic and discouraged with this election year. Now? I'm feeling hopeful and encouraged. I may disagree with the idea of a wife/mom working if she doesn't have to, but I think I can set that issue aside and honestly say that I believe the McCain-Palin ticket is exactly what our nation needs now.

As an added bonus, she gives liberals the creeps, and probably nightmares. You HAVE to love that. :-)

It feels good to be an American Mom today (even if I am living in Canada). Color me red, white and blue.

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