Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Preach It, Sister?

Okay I'm a little confused. I'd sure like to be set straight on this matter so I'm going to put this out there for my readers and hope you can help me. Early this morning I stumbled across a link to a reformed theology conference. Here's the way it was described:

"Join us as Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Dr. D.A. Carson, and Dr. Diane Langberg shareGod's truths from Scripture."
I read that, then read it again, then read it again. Since I don't know and have never known of any men named Diane, my eyes just zeroed in on that woman's name in the promo spot for this conference. So I went to the site promoting it to read more.

Sure enough, Diane is in fact a woman, and sure enough she is one of the keynote conference speakers along with the men, and will be leading a seminar there with the topic "Deceitful Hearts and God's Call to Truth in Relationships". Sounds like a fine topic, and a much needed teaching, actually.

But, I'm perplexed, befuddled and confused. Now, this is a conference and not a church service, I get that. But this woman is going to be preaching and teaching from God's word, according to the conference promotion. How is that okay, and why are Albert Mohler and DA Carson okay with sharing the pulpit with a woman like this? Are they okay with it because it's not church and she's not a pastor? (I suppose if I could ask them directly they'd clear it right up, but since I can't ask them directly I'm just tossing this out there). Is this particular seminar for women only? The promo material doesn't say that. As you can tell, I have a lot of questions about this.

This looks wrong, feels wrong, seems wrong. While I am all FOR having well educated, theologically sound women delivering a message to encourage other women, I have a tremendously difficult time with the idea that she will be standing in a pulpit preaching and teaching from God's word where there will be men in attendance. For me, that places her in a position of spiritual authority over men as she delivers the word, and the Bible says this is not to be so.

So I'm asking you, my readers, to help me and set me straight on how this is okay, or why it's not okay. Please do share your thoughts? (For the record, I know nothing about this lady, but I will be taking some time today if possible to learn more about her).

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