Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Out of the Mouths of Babes

It never fails. Every time I go outside to do anything, the kids follow me. It doesn't matter if I'm cleaning the pool, pulling weeds, taking pictures or just standing there doing nothing - the kids always follow me outside. Usually, the following me is accompanied by unending questions and chit chat. I'm not the only one they do this to, they do this to anyone who's working outside. They're chattery kids and they like to talk to folks. Yes indeed these kids suffer from the socialization issue that plagues homeschooled kids: they are quite at ease in conversations with anyone, of any age, on any topic. Go figure.

Most of the time I have to draw the chit-chat line eventually and tell them "okay enough talking, go on and play so I can work". I'm not big on talking while I'm working, but I make an exception for them as much as possible, since they always have a million questions about everything. Today though, I didn't have to do that since they were actually talking among themselves, rather than grilling me about why weeds grow through concrete cracks or why the sky is blue, or how many more days until we go to the county fair and d-derby. While I cleaned off the patio, I rather enjoyed their kid-sized conversation.

Their topic was, how they would invite me to their respective homes when they grow up and move out, and what they would serve. One was going to make pancakes for me, another was going to make chocolate cake, and another was going to make cookies. Ruth (5yrs old) commented that when I come over to visit her and her kids, she'd make cookies for me only. One of the kids asked "what about your kids, wont they get any?" She said okay, the kids could have some too. Another one of the kids asked "what about your husband, won't he get any?" She thought for a moment (and I looked up from my work to see what she would say) and then she said "well no, he'll be at work so he wont need any". A second or two went by and all the kids nodded in agreement on that point. I couldn't help but smile at her 5 yr old logic.

I wish to make it perfectly clear, I have no idea where she gets these ideas, and I have never (that I can remember) eaten all the cookies with the kids, while Kev was at work. That time I made yummy ginger cookies when Kim came to visit, doesn't count, does it?

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