Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gianna Jessen: A True Survivor of the Pro-Abortion Death Culture

I watch Hannity and Colmes. I like it, they often have interesting guests and usually ask interesting questions. Sometimes the answers are surprising, shocking, or even annoying. If you watch too, you already know what I mean. Sean Hannity tends to ask the questions I'd ask if I could, while Alan Colmes tends to make the comments that annoy me. Its just the way it works out.

Last night their guest was Gianna Jessen, the same young woman featured in the anti-Obama ad spot, that speaks to Obama's voting record on the legislation that declares that if a baby survives an abortion its life must be saved. Obama voted AGAINST this, just to be perfectly clear. Gianna Jessen, if you've never heard of her before, is a live abortion survivor saved by the mercy of a compassionate nurse after being burned alive by a saline abortion in her biological mother's womb for 18 hours. God ordained that the abortionist was not in the room to leave her to die, but the nurse was in charge and saw to it that she received immediate medical care. You can read her story here when she testified before the Constitution Subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee on April 22, 1996. Get tissues, you will need them.

Sometimes I get so frustrated by the liberal spin. By that what I mean is point blank questions that don't get a point blank answer. On last night's show Alan Colmes defended Obama by saying "he is not pro-infanticide". Gianna Jessen countered with "so then, if he is against providing care for born alive abortion survivors, what would you call that?"

If you missed it last night, watch it right here:

Of course Colmes refused to give a straight answer. How could he? How could he actually say it outloud on national television what we all know the straight answer really is? Its all well and good to say you're pro-choice or support those who are, but when push comes to shove and you have to actually verbalize the act itself, it seems some of these liberal type folks have a wee bit of trouble saying it outloud.

The straight answer is simply this:

If you are someone who is AGAINST providing care for born alive abortion survivors, you are FOR allowing those survivors to die. You support the practice of medical professionals (read: professional and legally protected murderers) leaving a helpless, traumatized infant laying on a cold table or medical waste bin, to die. No attention, no care, not even the idea of cleaning that baby up or holding it or providing any comfort in any way whatsoever. You are FOR the literal and 100% fatal act of letting that baby lay there and suffer, writhing in pain, until he or she dies. That, is the very ugly truth of the matter.

Here's what I want to know (and will never get a real answer for):

NO OBAMANATION!Lets say Barack Obama was in an abortion clinic. Lets say the abortion procedure was performed and the helpless infant was born alive. Now lets say the mother was wheeled out of the room along with everyone else except for Obama and the baby. What attempts, if any, would Obama himself, personally make, to save that baby's life? If his voting record alone were any indication, what do you think he'd do?

I'd dearly love to be able to say that I think he might change his tune drastically if he were in the actual scenario. I'd love to think that if he actually saw one of these precious babies that were born alive, and that baby's only chance at survival was him taking action and doing whatever he could to provide immediate medical attention, that he'd really do it. I'd like to think that while holding a position or casting a vote one way might be very philosophically simple, if one were to actually see the procedure from tragic start to fatal finish, any normal human being would never, ever, in a million years actually hold to such a position.

I'd like to believe that about Barack Obama, but his voting record makes it pretty clear that he would likely just walk away and wash his hands of such a messy situation. I'd like to believe that no decent human being could do such a horrifying thing, but the fact of the matter is, there are countless medical professionals all over the US, Canada and the world that actually DO THIS, every day of the week, every week of the month, every month of the year, for years and years on end. They deliver LIVE, aborted babies, then leave them to die. And... what completely baffles me to no end, is the fact that many of them (after doing this all day long) go home to their own children. Clearly, it is quite possible for a human being to withhold any human decency or compassion on a suffering infant, so to say that Obama wouldn't really support such a vile and wicked thing were he to see it for himself firsthand, would be ridiculous.

He's made it abundantly clear where he stands, but Alan Colmes just couldn't bring himself to really say it outloud last night, could he? Maybe it just makes it more "real" if we say it outloud. Maybe it makes it sound far too horrendous if we really talk about it, and detail what "it" really is?

Maybe that's because it IS a most horrifying reality that we're living in, when such a wicked thing is considered socially acceptable, and protected under the law. It's no wonder there is an entire generation of people that seem to have very little concern over the value and sanctity of human life. They've grown up in a society that embraces the death-culture, and those who promote it. A lot of them want to put one of the most vocal proponents of this death culture into the White House.

God help us. May He have great mercy on us the same way He did on Gianna Jessen, 31 years ago as she came into the world in an abortion clinic ward filled with dead babies and confused young mothers.

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