Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Few Thoughts From Left Field, And A Sure Fire Way To Beat The Fat Gene

There is an old saying that goes like this:

"There are two things you never discuss in polite company, religion and politics"

I never really understood that saying when I was younger, since I very much enjoy discussing both. Of course the older I got the more easily I understood it, because both topics can lead to rather heated discussion and all kinds of strange attitudes such as "if you don't like my candidate/doctrinal postion, then I don't like YOU". Yep, folks are quite territorial over their opinions and convictions and sometimes can't see beyond either and show any respect for anyone outside those parameters.

The Christian blogging community is all abuzz over Sarah Palin. Is she a real Christian, is she being disobedient to Scripture, are you an idiot/hypocrite/ignorant fool for liking her, what about women in leadership, etc., so forth and so on. Some blogs are handling these questions with grace and thoughtfulness, others... well, aren't. The ones that aren't, are just annoying and quite frankly a huge waste of my time. The ones that are, are providing a genuine service to the body as we all think through these issues and make an effort to decide what we really believe and understand about all this. If nothing else, Sarah Palin's presence on the national political scene has sure caused a lot of us to re-think or re-visit what we thought we already knew. That's a very good thing.

In other news...

According to FOX news, if you inherited a "fat gene" you can tame that bad boy by simply engaging in 3-4 hours of moderate exercise a day. I know, you're wondering what that 3-4 hours of moderate exercise entails, aren't you? I hate to break it to you, but it doesn't include typing or extended deep elbow bends, normally associated with copious amounts of coffee consumption. Yeah, bummer here too.

Well, it's simple really. You give up electricity, cars and modern conveniences and you become Amish. Barring that option, you basically get off your hiney and do stuff. Funny how that seems so logical, isn't it? Incidentally, I suspect the plan would work even if you didn't inherit a fat gene, but a twinkie gene.


It rained last night, like a big hairy dog with big hairy fleas. You know the old saying "rained like cats & dogs"? Well where I am, it rained like Wooly Mammoths. So hard in fact, the torrential downpour that lasted for hours and hours found a brand new leak in our roof and the upstairs bathroom ceiling is dripping water and sagging a noticable sag. I'm thinking this is a very BAD thing. This means that whatever mysterious attic dwellers we have, have enough standing water in there to have a pool party and invite all their nocturnal pals. No doubt they'll have their music too loud and leave trash all over the place too.

I guess it's time to call the roof guy. Gack.

Oh, and one more thing. If you have blogger and notice a little profile icon next to your blog name in the dashboard, you might click on that and see who's "following" your blog. I added the same blogs in my side bar to the blogs I'm following, so you'll see my name there. I promise I'm not stalking you, blogger said I could add you, so I did. You can add me too, if you like.

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