Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Yeah...Christian Shoes. WHAT?

So here's the funny thing. 3 months (to the day) after I write about how odd it seems to me, that there is a company out there selling "Christian shoes", I find out that one of my merch suppliers (zazzle.com) is now offering Keds brand womens and kids canvas & lace up shoes - as a canvas for designs.

Oh yes, I laughed and thought 'no WAY!'. Way.

So... I dabbled around a little and I thought HEY, these are kinda cool. Then, the more I really got into designing the first one I thought HEY, these are VERY cool. Not only are they functional, and funky, they're cool AND they have a great message AND you can't get these anywhere else.

Now... I realize they're not everyone's thang, and the whole idea of a customized shoe=higher price than a WalMart special is a given, but you don't get to go to WalMart and put cool graphics on your shoes and design them (literally) from the midsole all the way to the laces, stitching, etc. This is the grown up version of what a lot of us girls did in junior high & highschool when we took our ballpoint pens to our tennis shoes and made them look the way we really wanted them to look. :-)

So yeah they're a little on the high end side for price, but they'd be the same price no matter what kind of graphic is on there (in other words, they're not high cost Christian merchandise) - the cost is for the customization in general and the fact that they're Keds brand shoes. So, if you're looking for something cool, something different, something useful and something that will definitely get some attention, these shoes will do it.

Perfect for back to school, too. Great conversation starters! :-)

(Keds Custom Christian Shoes come in women's sizes only)

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