Friday, August 15, 2008

Whip Crackin' Update2

Well, it's 2 days early but I decided to go ahead and get this done. Partly because I don't really want to do it at all, and partly because I really don't want it hanging around my thoughts for the weekend. So I'm just getting it over with. sigh...

Okay, just to update the routine:

Sit ups (day one: 7 - one month: 15 - two months 15)
Leg ups (day one: 4 - one month: 7 - two months: 10)
Standing Side leg lifts (day one: 8 ea. - one month: 16 ea. - two months: 16 ea.)
Standing Back leg lifts (day one: 8 ea. - one month: 24 ea. - two months: 24 ea.)
Push ups (day one: 5 - one month: 15 two months: none - eliminated from routine)
Side bends: (day one: 12 - one month: 24 - two months: 16)
With free weights (3.5 pounds each) 3 sets of 10 ea repetitions.
Stationary bike: 15 minutes per session.

So, as you can see by the above list, in some areas I've improved (yay) in other areas I've scaled back, and I've replaced push ups with using free weights for upper body/arm toning. I've also added the use of the stationary bike, but have just started that this week so it's a brand new addition. I'm still working out M-F and in the past month have only missed 2 days of workouts. The days I've missed however, have been very physically active days so I didn't/don't feel bad about missing the "regular" workout.

Now that I have the technical part of the update out of the way, I can get down to how this is really working out (no pun intended) for me. On the good side, I'm a lot stronger and can do far more controlled movements than when I first started. I can also see a noticeable difference in the areas that I work the hardest (although I don't dare ask anyone else, so it's just my own personal observation).

The frustrating part is, while I barely eat anything as it is, I'm practically forcing myself to eat breakfast (food makes me gag in the morning), and eat healthier all around (except my cheetos, do NOT touch my cheetos!) and I'm more active than I've been in a really long time... and I've GAINED 4 pounds. I'm thinking, I either need to get a new scale (this thing has been around forever and I'm sure is not at all accurate anyway) or just throw it out for good. If I at least stayed at my weight of 160-165* I'd be okay with that, but gaining is not something I was looking forward to at all, and have no idea how that is even possible. (*Like most folks, that weight fluctuates and in case you're wondering, no, I have no issue admitting my weight. Maybe I should, but I don't.)

So then... there we are. Impossible to say where I'll be in another month, since I've just recently added the stationary bike, and that might serve to let me get rid of a few pounds as well. I'm going to put new batteries in the odometer thingy on it, so I can see how far I'm actually going and how many alleged (I never believe those things) calories I'm burning off. I guess it depends on which music I listen to while I'm riding, how fast or slow I pedal!

Overall, I'm not really very encouraged this month but I'm going to keep plugging away at this. This past week has been sort of wonky, since I've been out the door at 8:15am every day (which throws my lazy schedule way off track) but I'm being flexible with my timetable. This is the longest I've ever gone with a workout routine, and even though I give myself weekends off, I'm at the point now where I actually look forward to Monday and getting back into my regular schedule. I'm not sure how this will all change in a few weeks when we resume our daily school lessons. I might just have to get up a little earlier to get this done first thing in the morning.

I've labelled this "encouragement" in hopes that it might be just that, for someone else. Getting back into shape after 7 kids isn't easy, but I know it's possible and I'm going for it.

(If you like, you can read my first post on this, and my update from the first month).

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