Friday, August 8, 2008

When Your Faeries Are Pagan and You're Talkin' 'Bout Re-gen-gen-gen-generation...

So, its the end of the week and I have a million unfinished things to finish, a million thoughts that seem profound but probably aren't, and a few things to just unload & get on with. This is just a 'this is where I am right now' sort of post, and none of it will really matter to you, unless you see your name below (and even then, it might not matter). It's hard to say.

• I've taken a little time this week to redesign my youtube channel, and you can access it any time by clicking the link in the sidebar under my profile.

• For those that badgered encouraged me to do more videos and do them often (Lane, Steve, Rozie), thank you for your kind 'push' to do that. The kids are looking foward to the upcoming interviews. They'll make silly faces, I just know it. Hmmm... for that matter, I might too. :-)

• The store's weekly newsletter is now online, and I have more shoes at the other store. I know, many of you think the shoes are over the top. That's okay - I LOVE them, and apparently a few other folks think they're pretty funky too.

• Very few folks are voting for Reflections Apparel anymore, and we've slipped down into the "who cares" category. Insert sad, pathetic, pouty face here... :-( Shout out to MOM, who votes every day, because my mom rocks).

• I received an email the other day asking why I had a pagan faerie design in my Christian apparel store. It was a valid question, although faeries are not exactly 'pagan', they are simply make believe creatures that many little girls just adore. Make believe, like Orcs, or Cave Trolls only much smaller, and much cuter.

• School starts in 4 weeks and I still haven't ordered the textbooks we need. I am a super-bad homeschool mom, and should be penalized by being forced to wear a denim jumper and neon yellow crocs. Eww... I better get those books ordered, I detest crocs.

• Here is my Friday Photo (which can also been seen starring in the He's All You Need video):

morning glory

I planted these (too late) on either side of the arbor at the entrance to my fairy garden (where Orcs and Cave Trolls dare not enter!), in the hopes that they'd grow up both sides and cover the entire arbor. The right side is doing well, while the left side isn't doing as well. I'm not sure how it'll all work out in the end but I know that next year I'll need to plant them a few weeks sooner, and string them up immediately.

• I have a new Who Am I ready to go for Monday. No Kristina, the answer is not bunnies (but wouldn't it be funny if it was, and you got it wrong?). Although I did see a dead one on the road the other day, and the turkey vultures were having a good ole time with it. Gack, how gross is that?

• On last evening's Dividing Line, which I already KNOW you heard for yourself, right??, James had two special guests. The first 30 minutes of the show was Dr. R.C. Sproul, where James and Dr. Sproul discussed the gospel, and if for some reason (open heart surgery, your house blew up, all the kids turned into aliens before your eyes, etc.) you missed it, you NEED to give a listen to it. Or, you can just watch it right here:

Then, when you're done watching/listening there, go on over here and give that a read - and be sure to read the discussion in the combox as well. Good stuff there!

• Tomorrow, my #3 daughter turns 18, and we'll celebrate on Sunday after church with a ridiculously rich lasagna dinner, followed by a black forest cake. She has great taste in dinner requests! I'm pretty sure it's not possible that I would already have THREE adult children now, but the calendar is telling me that I do. Who ARE these people and why do they keep getting older?

• Next Friday, Miss I'm 18 Now is moving back home for a while, as her summer job in the big city is over. Moving in with her, is my sister-in-law who will be staying with us for a time while she switches job locations. I have a guest room to get ready (almost done) and a loft to get ready (not even close, bubba) so I'm going to be nutty-busy all week.

• As it gets closer to doing a Whip Crackin' Update, I'm mostly discouraged and partly encouraged. I have learned that at 43.5 years old, it's not even ALMOST close to being easy to get back in shape, after years of chasing toddlers and sitting in a chair drinking coffee. I am seriously determined, however.

And that, is pretty much it. I actually had other things in mind, but I forgot what they were so they probably weren't all that important anyway.

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