Monday, August 11, 2008

A View From Above

I had the most jam-packed busy day yesterday, but in all the good ways. I wanted to write about it yesterday but by the end of the day I was so zonkified I couldn't keep a straight thought if you paid me.

Of course the day started out at church with an introductory sermon by my pastor on the book of Jonah. I learned yesterday that we FINALLY have the capability to digitally record the sermons, so after a bit of tweaking yesterday with the system at church (where there is highspeed 'net access and where I nearly giggled with glee as I logged into the church website) and a bit of tweaking today, I'll be uploading the weekly sermons to our church's site. I'm excited about that, since lots and lots of people have been asking for the longest time "are your church's sermons online?" I can finally say YES, they are. Since I'm the church webmistress (I know, that sounds so very fairytale like, doesn't it?), I'll have fun with that.

JessicaSo after church, we celebrated Jessica's birthday, by Caryn and Eric showing up to kidnap her, while the rest of us waited around the house twiddling our thumbs, starving to death and waiting for them to get back. Starving I tell ya! Some of us skipped breakfast (I know, our bad) AND lunch (more bad) waiting for birthday lasagna, so we were just plain famished.

They wouldn't tell us where they were taking her, since it was a big surprise.

When they finally got back (we ate without them, it was pure torture waiting for them) they arrived with James, a good friend of theirs, and we learned that James had taken Jessica on an airplane ride in his plane (yes, he owns his own plane) for her birthday!

Oh how cool is that? Her first time on a plane, and she had an absolute blast. She took lots of pics and I uploaded them for her here, at my flickr page.

JamesJames promised to fly over on his way home, so we made sure we were all outside to see him, and we sure did!

What we didn't know was that Caryn rode home with him in the plane too, and took pics of the house.

Now, when I say that we live in the middle of nowhere, you have a better idea of what nowhere actually looks like.

our house, in the middle of the corn

a little fuzz due to how fast the plane was going

The white, L shaped barn is where the pigs are. The green pole building is where the tractors and other machinery live, then there's the silo (I was actually standing between the silo and the house), the house and the 100+ year old trees lining the east and west sides of the front yard. Yep, that's our yard, about 2.5 football fields long. North, east and west are corn, and just to the south (across the road) is wheat. I was actually outside taking pics of the plane while Caryn was inside the plane, taking pics of the house! How funny. What a fun day it was yesterday.

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