Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sex & The Homeschool Mom

Ha. Now that I have your attention, I'd like to point something out that I discovered just last night. This was something I already knew via general observation, but last night I discovered it in a more "raw data" sort of way.

While at CBD ordering school books for the 08/09 school year, I was browsing through their health curriculum for grade levels 2 through 4. We haven't done a specific health "plan" as a part of our homeschool curriculum (aside from having family and private discussions about key things, of course), so I had planned to add a more structured program for the second half of our school year.

Now, when I say health, what I'm referring to is basic physical fitness, nutrition, personal hygeine, and that sort of thing. However, when CBD offers health, something else is riding the #1 bestselling spot in every grade level from pre-school all the way through highschool. What that something else is, obviously, are books about sex. Yes, beginning with pre-school aged children (3-5). I checked every grade level and out of the top 10 bestselling books in each grade level, books about sex average between 3 and 5 out of that top 10. From pre-school through 8th grade, this series God's Design for Sex Series, 4 Books: Revised is the #1 selling health book/plan, with the series Learning About Sex Pack, 7 Volumes ranking not far behind.

Honestly, when I saw that, the movie The Good, The Bad and The Ugly is what came to my mind.

Let's start with the GOOD and the obvious side of things. It is good and obviously needed that we as parents give our children solid, factual, Biblical information on this subject. For a million and one reasons this is probably the most difficult subject for most parents (if we're all honest, most parents would admit that we've actually forgotten most of the factual/clinical information we once learned about this subject) to discuss with their children, and these books make it a lot easier. For the younger children they're designed with the idea in mind that the parents will read parts of the book then allow for questions that will no doubt come up. We have two of the books from this series shown here, and they're very thorough without being over-thorough. The books in the older age categories are meant for the children to read themselves, with the assumption that the parent will be available to answer any questions they will have.

So then on to the BAD. While books like this are indeed good and helpful and many parents will be quite thankful to have such a resource, we live in a day that society refuses us as parents to allow our children to remain innocent children and just enjoy being kid, without sex being shoved in their faces. I come from the stone age where kids were actually kids up until about the 4th grade when we started wondering about certain things, and then the 5th grade where we had the week long class where the boys and girls were seperated into different classrooms for the afternoon. At the end of that week came "the film" that so many of us remember (and giggled about for days) that taught us all we ever needed (and really didn't want to know, at 11 years old) to know about the changes beginning, and the monumental changes to come, for both boys and girls. Truth be told, the vast majority of us didn't want those changes to come, especially us girls. You girls know exactly what I'm saying here. Its funny but, that 5 day class in the 5th grade was packed with so much information, that it's ALL the sex-ed health we had in public school, until two years later in 7th grade. Of course we still had general health classes, but that category was so well covered in those 5 days that we didn't need more than that, at the time.

It is no longer the stone age where kids are actually kids, and this brings us to the UGLY. All day long, kids are exposed and indoctrinated and bombarded to and by sex, sexual images, sexually suggestive speech, attitudes, clothing, and more. They see and hear things at 5 years old (that are already so common to them that they don't even question it) that most of us never saw or heard until we were teenagers. Society has degenerated in such a way that now even pre-schoolers in a public school system will be taught about homosexual families, and that will begin their career in "health education" in the public school system. Sometimes you really wish you could turn back the clock, but we all know you just can't. We can't flip the calendar pages back to the 50s or 60s when public school systems kept their nose out of parents business in this area, and when children's television programming was as risque as Wile E. Coyote in a tutu. (To be fair to Wile E., I don't recall him ever wearing one, but if he did he was no doubt quite secure in his male coyote-ness and it was JUST a disguise, he didn't actually enjoy it).

No, we cannot turn back the clock. We as parents have to live and raise our kids in a decaying and depraved society and we have to use every good resource we can find to equip them and equip them well. It does make me sad that these things have to be introduced to our kids at such a tender and precious age, but the fact of the matter is they're already exposed to them anyway. We just have to be sure we're exposing them to Godly and factual information to counter the trash that society shoves in their faces.

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